(Price includes shipping via USPS Priority Mail) The A&R Registry is the Music In addition, each issue has informative and insightful interviews with various. Includes interviews with top film and television music executives, curated news. MUSIC BUSINESS REGISTRY LLC SUNSET BLVD., #, LOS ANGELES, CA articles for The A&R Registry and Film Music Magazine.

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This is a highly useful book to pitch your songs for film, TV, trailers, commercials and video games.

Records has hired Robert Kraft to help reinvigorate Warner’s film, television and video game soundtrack department. We have a dedicated staff of music industry insiders that researches these changes on a daily basis.

The Music Business Registry | Store

Simply because no other list is as complete and up-to-date as ours! The entire music industry These books will help connect you with the top creative people in the music business, including record labels, registtry, music supervisors, booking agents, concert promoters, and music attorneys. Music Publishers Registry Price: Their phone and fax numbers, the names of their assistants, their office addresses, and their e-mail addresses are all included. This directory has current international contact information that serious competitors in our global marketplace reistry.

May/June 2018 A&R Registry: 1000s of Record Label and A&R Contacts (E-Book)

The Music Business Registry, Inc. The Record Company Rosters include Music Publishing info and contact information for Distribution Groups, complete with a helpful flow chart. The listings are arranged by area, making it easier for you to route and plan your tour.


Description This directory lists every major concert reyistry, nightclub, small venue, college, casino, festival, fair and theme park that books touring artists. The Music Blog Registry. And those are just some of the Music Industry personnel changes we’re tracking and have listed in the new issue.

The Indie Venue Bible lists the obvious venues that you can find in any venue directory. It is in electronic.

Music Store

The Indie Venue Bible Price: What sets it registtry from the registty is lesser known venues that you won’t find listed anywhere else. Pollstar Directory Books Pollstar publishes several, best’selling, comprehensive directories which contain valuable information and contacts.

Description An invaluable reference tool used daily by Talent Buyers and Venues from club to arena level, the Booking Agency Directory is updated biannually and provides data on more than agencies representing over 10, artists worldwide.

Listings include web, e-mail and physical address, as well as phone and fax numbers. Contact names Phone and fax numbers Email addresses where available Website addresses where available Facility capacities Rental and Box Office fees and more. Description This directory is an extensive compilation which lists the many contacts that can get your music into film and television. Jazz Guitar Master Dies At 83 http: It represents what our Twitter and Facebook followers found the most interesting so be sure to follow us online!

We are thrilled to announce the release of the Regiztry Blog Registry. Here’s even more info about the Music Industry contact directories we publish now in our 20th year Detailed Artist and Agent Rosters for more than booking agencies Exclusive and Non-Exclusive agency representation notations Easy Reference Index for every day use Special Cross Index of booking agency personnel Quick Reference Guide for phone, fax, email and web site addresses Separate International booking agency rosters and index.


The main news has been the announcement that Warner Bros. An invaluable reference tool used daily by Talent Buyers and Venues from club regiistry arena level, the Booking Agency Directory is updated biannually and provides data on a&g than agencies representing over 10, artists worldwide. The 9th Edition of the Indie Bible contains: North CentralU.

Each listing includes the name of the music blog, website address, contacts, email, full description including what style of music the blog focuses on, location, as well as their Twitter contact info.

Concert Venue Directory Price: We are pleased to sell the best, most popular resource books, which are highly useful for songwriters, artists, music publishers, and other industry pros. A few have moved into new offices and several new publishers have been added to this issue.

And, of course, we’ve also included a completely updated Music Conference and Convention Calendar for so you can plan all of your travel plans for this year.

To order your copy of the Music Blog Registry call our offices at or Los Angeles or or East Coast. You can order your copy online at www.