Set in s Calcutta, this is a roman á clef of remarkable intimacy. Originally published in Romanian in , this semiautobiographical novel by the world. The book Bengal Nights: A Novel, Mircea Eliade is published by University of Chicago Press. Bengal Nights by Mircea Eliade and It Does Not Die by Maitreyi Devi were released in by the University of Chicago Press as companion volumes depicting.

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It is not just an interesting love story between a European and an Indian girl, but also an opportunity to think about philosophy, communicating across cultures and the clash that sometimes replaces dialogue. As vrea ca atunci cand ni se preda cartea asta la scoala sa ni se spuna ce om de cacat ii allan, ce abuz de putere face vrajind o fata de jumatatea varstei lui, ce orientalism extrem are in modul in care prezinta cultura indiana ca ceva exotic si primitiv, ce sexist ii modul in care se foloseste de femei si cumva tot el ii victima desi o duce bine-mersi folosindu-se de cine o fi pe cand femeile din viata lui se sinucid sau innebunesc.

The film, Les Nuits Bengaliappeared in Devi writes in her letters to Ricketts of bengl fame and success the book brought her in India: I was well and truly in the jungle, no longer a social being with perfect self-control. It seems filtered through language, cultural distance and miles, but not time. Why the stingy bio on the part of the University of Chicago Press? There were some things I liked but I can’t remember them because I’m too furious. Petersburg Times, May 8, I eloade Mircea Eliade’s work on myth and religion years ago so read this book with my own lingering love in mind.

A Terrible Hurt: The Untold Story behind the Publishing of Maitreyi Devi

I submitted a second story, which she again found very interesting, but not quite what she wanted for the anthology. If anything, Devi was being savvy and assertively American, threatening with her right to legal action. I loved the way Eliade knew to reveal things in such way to make us feel the same way he felt. But at first sight, between him and Maitreyi there is a kind of coupe de foudre.


When sent to work in a rain-abundant region of India, Allan becomes ill with malaria. Maitreyi, the heroine of the story has a mentor, who is very old: They will expose him before the world — all the lies he has told. They came to Calcutta for shooting and gave huge publicity pointing at me as the heroine. A stonishing as it might sound given the sleight-of-hand dictated by marketing decisions at the University of Chicago Press, Devi’s “response” was written to stand on its own.

This is just pure trash that I wish I didn’t have to read for school and that it wasn’t presented as the greatest love story Romania’s ever damned seen. Much to consider, and as Alain says early in the novel of his love for Maitreyi, he can’t describe it, because describing it will somehow corrupt it, paraphrased here.

May not contain Access Codes or Supplements. The film was supported by francophile Satyajit Ray, who showed up on the set to give his blessings, yb whose technicians were employed in the shooting of the film.

In a sense it is a novel Another part of the story between Devi and Eliade that has not been illuminated is the effort made by Devi to ensure that no English translation of Eliade’s novel be available within her lifetime. Maitreyi Devi was a contemporary of my grandmothers.

Feb 10, Teo rated it it was ok Shelves: The first that Devi heard of Eliade’s Maitreyi was from her father, who visited Europe in orinforming her on his return that Eliade had dedicated a book to eliaxe.


A Terrible Hurt:

The atmoshere is fantastic The statue is so masterfully carved that you cannot tell whether the two are locked in combat or in loving embrace. The producer, Philippe Diaz, promised that the film would not be released in India without government authorization.

Instead of thorough reporting on the autonomous existence of her book, what we see in this country, as pointed out by Udayan Mitra in “The Imperialism of Culture” is that: The characters were so antipathetic. Nighs from ” https: CalcuttaIndia KolkataIndia.

Maitreyi was crying all the time, but all the time and Allen was so cocky and such a coward. As a matter of fact, she acts like an Indian version of Juliet, taking her feelings to the highest point.

Maitreyi by Mircea Eliade

Some may say this is reality: Being able to penetrate to its core this, obviously touching and disturbing at the same time, story, I find myself judging him a lot for his stupid actions bdngal his lack of judgment, but I do not know how different would I have reacted if it all happened to me.

The central theme in his novels was erotic love.

How deep, complex and unintelligible they seemed to me. It was not an easy act for an Indian woman even today Maitreyi was taken to be an autobiographical novel of Eliade’s passionate, but failed, romance with a young Bengali girl.