Caldari COSMOS Guide. The Caldari COSMOS constellation can raise faction standings from to over unmodified with no additional. Caldari COSMOS Guide by Jowen Datloran v – Ebook download as PDF File ( .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. The Caldari COSMOS missions can seem pretty overwhelming at first. While there are a few good COSMOS guides that have been published.

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Battlecruisers are generally the preferred ship to generate isk, though an assault frig will not have to worry about gate restrictions.

All rights are reserved worldwide. Player Gatherings and Events. I think having screen shots of the Agents mission briefing helps but isn’t actually required for a walk-thru guide, for example the Amarr Cosmos caldaru I’ve linked below.

Otitoh VI — Moon 2. Many of these can also be found in contracts. ISK and item rewards, along with standings gains.

Out of Pod Experience. Most courier missions can be done in an assault frig, though may require cargo expanders. Kochi Utrainen and Akira Helkelen. Getting 85 Bandit tags seems crazy but it can be done in an hour.


Caldari COSMOS

I havent done the Akemon Tolan mission yet as I need to get some higher standings but his implant, HG is worth even more!

Alliance and Corporation Recruitment Center. Please let me know of any corrections cosms updates! Revelations Testing and Development. This page has been accessed 23, times. I updated my post with the screenshots I took of the mission briefings.

eve online – Where are all the Caldari COSMOS agents located? – Arqade

Privacy policy About UniWiki Disclaimers. Otomainen – Contested Guristas Outrider Post. Note that this list is incomplete. This is a list of all items that can be aquired before starting the mission that requires that item.

Thank you DMC, you are always a big help to the community. For the 2 agents in Ihakana.

These forums have been archived and are now read-only. It’s searchable by agent’s name.

Republic University Minmatar Republic 63, It also includes a Standings Planner tab so you can input your current Social and Connections level, along with the standings increase you’ll get from running these missions, so you can see where your standings will be if you are aiming for a goal. Views View View source History. Corp standing can not be used instead of faction standing.

Contested Guristas Outrider Post.

Anyway, I have them both bookmarked for future reference. All artwork, screenshots, characters, vehicles, storylines, world facts or other recognizable features of the intellectual property relating to these trademarks are likewise gude intellectual property of CCP hf. I like how it lists the agents name down in the left corner when viewing the briefing. This guide pairs well with Jowen Datloran’s guidewhich details out the calcari missions and is well put together.


Retrieved from ” https: This page should be updated due to game changes. Now if you decide to also run the other Cosmos Agents, hopefully you’ll make guides for those as well. Note this is unmodified standing, i. This page has been accessed 83, times. Monitor this thread via RSS [? Search EVE-Online forums for: Here is csmos EVE-University link.

Guess I’m just use to seeing walkthrough guides showing a picture of the Agent’s info box and mission briefing along with some tips, warnings and info to complete the mission.