This reel, “Da Slockit Light,” was composed by the renown Shetland fiddler Tom Anderson (), who composed over three hundred. Tom Anderson () was the Shetland Islands most influential fiddle composer and this is his most famous tune. In Cape Breton, Da. And for historical interest, handwritten scores, possibly by Tom Anderson himself: Slockit-light-1 Slockit-light Melody Harmony. Link (Midi or.

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da Slockit Light

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Pam with Tom produced another excellent little volume of music from the Shetlands, also highly recommended: He tours often as a duo with his son Neil, an accomplished professional pianist who seamlessly melds Scottish traditional tunes with Latin, funk, and jazz info on Ed and Neil as a duo.

Vanity prevailed and I wanted to post it as a new tune. Thanks for combining the threads. He toldusthat when Tom Anderson died this tune was played at his funeral and now if you play this tune in the Shetland Islands people stand.


Da Slockit Light

Here are the three I know are out there somewhere: Da Slockit Light R: We heard this tune played by Walt Michael – a hmmer dulcimer player from the States – at Sidmouth at couple of years back. Learn how your comment data is processed. Published in it has become an important collection of Shetland tunes and dances. Is that an augmented fourth I dunno.

Da Slockit Light (D) |

If you augment the fifth it becomes A. But we can see how good Da Slockit Light is and how it inspired folk? Tunes Recordings Sessions Events Discussions help contact links donate. It seems ridiculous ilght they are listed in other categories e.

Slcokit I understand it, the Shetland tradition is that what would be more baldly called “Lament to or for So-and-so” in the Irish tradition, is instead named after some object that reminds one of the deceased. Haand me doon da FiddleRinging Strings: I always thought it was a lighthouse, but found out a “Slockit” light is a “broken” one. Old age leads to loss of nous.

He began composing in and continued to do so almost until the day he died. He has worked with many of the top fiddlers from Scotland and Cape Breton.


So, “the extinguished light” has another meaning. Tom Anderson wrote the tune in Shetland, partly to honour his late wife.

Then, as he stood there, the lights started to go out one by one. JC is John Chambers, a multitalented musician from the Boston area.

Da Slockit Light

Lighg, when asked about the tune, Tom Anderson recounted that he was leaving his birth-home of Esha Ness one cold January in I remember a tale of where the tune came from, that Tom had driven out into the country at night and could see his village in the distance. Da Slockit Light http: Sounds weird as a reel.

That very esoteric point did occur to me as I was writing it, Donald. However the scores for the harmony part that I have seen show it as a Bb!

Tom Anderson, Silver Bow As I watched, the lights started going out one by one.