Vanishing Point is an experimental novel by David Markson which was published in References[edit]. ^ Joseph Tabbi (), The Encyclopedia of. In the literary world, there is little that can match the excitement of opening a new book by David Markson. From Wittgenstein’s Mistress to. Those who adored experimentalist Markson’s previous two outings (Reader’s Block, ; This Is Not a Novel, ) will be ecstatic anew as.

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Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Sightings of the Wandering Jew pop up, chronologically following his trail to the end.

Would I recommend this? This book is awesome. Jan 28, David rated it really liked it. Poinf 22, Daniel rated it really liked it Shelves: Seven wealthy towns contend for Homer dead, Through which the living Homer begged his bread.

The pieces of information offered to the reader generally revolve around the arts, and specifically artists. Odd though it sounds, the style is unique enough that it honestly felt like a literary work rather than a simple rhyming off of facts.

Even in those cases w Markson’s xavid work best in vanishhing. There didn’t seem to vanishin enough of the author’s personal story woven into the nearly pages for me to really latch onto him as a character, so describing the climax as such was a little overindulgent and deflating.

I hasten on to the next and final instalment. I wonder what would’ve happened if Markson had arranged them in such a way that they tell a clearer narrative – would it make a stronger novel, would it make more of a novel to begin with, or would it upset the balancing act between writing and destroying a novel that Markson pulls here, and what’s more pulls like a total pro?


Thousands of facts about esoteric thinkers’ and artists’ lives scroll by—”Frozen music, Shilling called architecture,” is representative—the accumulated tidbits of years of reading.

Though his audience is still small, he has become a minor master, and his name is vanishung recognizable. In the literary world, there is little that can match the excitement of opening a new book by David Markson.

Vanishing Point – The Middle Approx. True also does this style resemble what Wittgenstein did in his book s. Whose novel is it anyway?

Vanishing Point

Death and art and petty egos, this book is about. Funny how I was trying to guard against the ephemerality of inspiration, but ultimately recognised that the clippings were part and parcel of my own sense of mortality.

What was it Marianne Moore said about omissions? Refresh and try again. Vaniwhing hard to work out whether David Markson found his facts in books or reviews of books. Does Author survive the death of David Markson? Winfield, IL, stopped reading book in. Among other things, Vanishing Point is about the role of art and the possibility of art in our times. One of the first explains: May 05, Lee rated it really liked it.

Nov 16, Michael rated it it was amazing Shelves: It feels so deliberate and meticulous; not at all arbitrary like the way The Interrogative Mood could feel at times. Aug 27, Jeff Jackson rated it it was amazing. I love favid to death. From the ‘Reader’ of Reader’s Block to the ‘Writer’ of This is not a NovelMarkson has now moved on to ‘Author’, the central figure behind the texts — though for much of it not a very prominent one in them.

Want to Read saving…. With his seventh novel, Markson, an avant-garde favorite for works like Wittgenstein’s Mistresswhich David Foster Wallace called “pretty much the high point of experimental fiction in this country,” proves once again that his trademark fragmental style yields boundless meditations on the mythologized lives of great artists and thinkers, as well as the somewhat hapless project of constructing and controlling a novel.


A novel which was written by hand on notecards. But now the garret is a thing of the past. Themes and patterns emerge, and death stalks the card file. Did he only do so in the hope or expectation that some aspect of the Author might emerge in the text, whether by some act, omission or insertion by the Author or Markson himself, or by inference by us, the readers? Also composed on 3×5 index cards. Vanishing Point is yet another Markson novel that, like the two preceding ones Reader’s Block and This is not a Novelconsists of titbits, observations, aracana, quotes, and the like.

Vanishing Point (Markson novel) – Wikipedia

A great message is hidden in this amazing book! Ultimately, hwoever, he can’t escape it: Baseball players and their nicknames. Author had been scribbling the notes on three-by-five-inch index cards. This is not surprising considering its ‘parts’ are scarcely more than random facts.

Thsi book is not for everyone because you often need quite a broad education to understand what the author is talking about. He offers descriptions of the undertaking along the way, echoing his previous efforts — vanishung, in some cases, quoting directly, as when he describes his undertaking as he had in Reader’s Block: