Ensuring data availability and integrity, while still meeting capacity and backup window constraints, is about to get significantly easier. The Dell DR Dell has announced the DR, an update to their backup and recovery appliance line that is based on the Fluid Data Architecture. the DR, the DR and the. DRv help you: • Reduce the storage footprint for backups. • Enable backup data to remain on disk and online longer.

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Dell has announced the DR, an update to their backup rr4100 recovery appliance line that is based on the Fluid Data Architecture. Requires ‘sshpass’ to function. How much do you know about Dell?

Search Exchange Advanced Search. On the switches, server and storage. As data volumes grow and businesses become more distributed across remote sites, decentralised tape libraries have become increasingly expensive to maintain and time-consuming to manage. Help on Command line.

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I believe your device is a dedup appliance. Enterprise Support Library Project Exchange.

When CommVault backs up an encry This is a significant improvement from the 5 to 1 replication in the DR Deployments can start as small as 2. Mediaagent migartion from centos Can be one of following info – General information about the unit default hardware – Detailed information about the units drives stats – Statistics of the storage always returns OK Typical output from test type dr41000 New Bulk products could be pulled from a dr41000 inventory that was dismantled for parts, and may be packaged and sold in bulk multiple units in one box.


Ok my fault didn’t ask for a test appliance A specific product offering sold by Cisco to a selected group of resellers. HP Renew products are usually factory surplus equipment or returned demos, that undergo an extensive HP refurbishment and testing process, ensuring they are fully restored to meet HP certified standards.

Deploy workflow with De4100. The DR is highlighted by support for deduplication and compression at rates of up to 15 to 1, to help customers tame data vell with more efficient storage.

The “container” on the DR for backup is a cifs share. Are you running any AV scans on the BE services?

While the deduplication and compression features may be an assumed feature by some, not all backup appliances in this category offer such features.

Additional components or delll may or may not be included. I do some additional perf. We also had some issues on our HP Switch with one of the 10Gbit ports, received some strange errors yersterday so now use another Port on the switch also created a LACP trunk.


So after hours of testing. The good news though for DR owners is Dell is offering the DR firmware as a free upgrade which will include system improvements like the enhanced 32 to 1 replication.

Visio-Backup overview B2d new and cloud. Seamless Integration Dell said the new seamless integration between NetVault Backup and the DR enables users to minimise network traffic and shrink backup windows while protecting critical data across various operating systems.

Dell Combines NetVault Backup With DR4100

Non-basic components may or may not be included. Delo updated this to suit our needs better and put it on github https: The DR appliances are local to each site. I am currently setting up an environement in which I need to back up data at remote locations to a backup to disk appliance Dell DR DR is supported as an.