The Weavers, naturalistic drama in five acts by Gerhart Hauptmann, published in and performed in as Die Weber. The play is based on the revolt of. Hend said: a drama about a group of poor (the weavers) and their abortive revolt in than Gerhart Hauptmann’s naturalistic masterpiece The Weavers. The Weavers Summary. Gerhart Hauptmann In a large room on the ground floor of Dreissiger’s house the weavers were bringing in their finished webs. Pfeifer.

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As one of Gerhart Hauptmann’s experiments in dramatic form, The Weavers is highly significant. An’ we’ll keep our heads above water right enough if I can just get a bit o’ strength into me. Die WeberSilesian German: The tide is rushing on. This play is exceptional.

Hauptmann always resorts to the form and style best suited to what he wants to express. Hauptmann’s subsequent work includes the comedies Colleague CramptonThe Beaver Coatand The Conflagrationthe symbolist dream play The Assumption of Hanneleand an historical drama Florian Geyer They flatter the weaver, and give the manufacturer nothing but abuse — he’s a cruel man, with a heart like a stone, a dangerous fellow, at whose calves every cur of a journalist may take a bite.

The boy is all right again. Not a bit of it. He warns of the de-individualized machine man.

For more guidance, see Wikipedia: Hauptmann is not one of those poets who merely glorify the machine, nor one of those who merely condemn it. But what is mirrored in The Weavers is so appalling, so dismally hopeless that it stamps the damning brand upon our civilization.

At a time when the Liberals believed science and the machine were progressive in themselves, Hauptmann perceived that man had to dominate them if they were not to subjugate him.

I have already tried to indicate the higher and wider reality behind the realistic surface of some of his plays. Hauptmann was born in a then-fashionable Silesian resort town, where his father owned the main hotel. How people, how any parents can be so thoughtless is what passes my comprehension.


Gives you a picture of how shitty life was in the 19th century. Hauptmann remained true to himself.

Stage Review: “The Weavers” and The Art of Starvation

Orloff inspired characters in several of Hauptmann’s works and he later referred to her as his muse. March Click [show] for important translation instructions. Is it the words of the publisher, a newspaper or a Goodread’s librarian.

In addition to the social question, another serious problem is on his mind. You sat there prayin’ and singin’, and let me run about till my feet bled, tryin’ to get one little drop o’ skim milk. You villains all, you brood of hell There is an avaricious merchant and a servile clerk. But all the same it’s a disgrace. Its performance was first forbidden by the Prussian police. Thomas Mann was able to emigrate because his personality was different, because he was younger, and because he had a sufficient income from his novels in foreign countries, too.

Loading him with two heavy pieces of fustian to carry six good miles! The burning of Dresden in February,sapped the strength of the year old. I sincerely trust that such things will not occur again. Who knows but that the social panorama which Hauptmann subsequently gave to the world, had not slumbered in the soul of the child, gaining form and substance as he grew to manhood.

The play was translated into Yiddish by Pinchas Goldhar in the s, after which it became a favorite of the Yiddish stage.

The Weavers by Gerhart Hauptmann

In order to further their aims, the Klamroths were about to hand power to Hitler, to consent to the demolition of the humanist-rationalist heritage in which they were not interested. As the play is not a close-knit entity, the first act is casual, and might open at almost any point; and since it starts with a picture, or part of a picture, there is hardly anything to be known of the past.


It was nothing serious. His realism, romanticism and classicism do not at all contradict each other. At best, it serves as a sort of cathartic experience, giving viewers the thrill of just war and the downfall of oppression. This article may be expanded with text translated from the corresponding article in German.

For as one of the men says, “What’s to hinder a weaver waitin’ for an hour, or for a gerhatt Bill Marx is the editor-in-chief of The Arts Fuse.

The women, too, are imbued with the spirit of revolt and become an avenging force. The justice to us weavers dealt Is bloody, cruel, and hateful; Our life’s one torture, long drawn out: This first act merely establishes the relation between the weavers and the manufacturers. But when the storm breaks, they show the yellow streak and cravenly run to cover.

Why, of course the manufacturer. The play itself is relatively short, but this volume includes a fair amount of supporting documentation, including historical information about the conditions of weavers in Silesia during the s, and the events on which the drama is placed, reviews at the time of its initial performances mostly from Socialist newspapersand government records of censorship decisions and debates regarding that censorship.

If you prefer to suggest your own revision of the article, you can go to edit mode requires login. Yet, Gehart Hauptmann was deeply rooted in the soil of Silesia. On the one hand, The Weavers is set at the zero hour of human endurance, the reduction of the body to nothing but gerhqrt and bones.

He was not afraid to show the weaknesses, the fears and the short-comings, frequently conditioned by the social situation of the class.