Hitachi Medical Systems Europe (Holding) AG. Hitachi – Noblus. Mode B & M- mode; omnidirectional M-mode; PW and CW Doppler; color and power Doppler; . Hitachi understands that healthcare is an integral part of our social infrastructure. The Noblus ultrasound diagnostic scanner features the ultimate in versatility. Highly visible volume data is available with a light-weight and compact probe. STIC(Spatio-temporal Image Correlation)*. Displays the fetal heart in 3D images .

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The Noblus is compatible with a wide range of transducers: The Prologue has advanced features required in various clinical fields. EUP-L65 High Frequency Linear Transducer This nbolus frequency transducer is designed for small parts imaging and other situations requiring visualization of superficial structures. News Ultrasound Women’s Health December 20, The Prologue has powerful cardiology features such as eFlow and measurements.

Its powerful transmission and reception capability is built in the compact-size Noblus with excellent performance. Wireless DICOM communication powerfully enhances examination efficiency, regardless of examination situations.

L55 Breast, Small Parts, Thyroid Transducer A wide band, high frequency linear transducer which hifachi high resolution imaging in a wide range of applications. UST Abdominal Transducer Multi-frequency convex transducer designed for general transabdominal imaging. News Ultrasound Imaging December 20, High-performance diagnostic ultrasound imaging for Breast General Imaging.


Hitachi Aloka Releases Noblus, Advanced Versatile Ultrasound With Flexible Style

A wide band micro convex transducer with a small head curvature 20mmhigh frequency and wide frequency range. Super high density, multi-frequency, convex array transducer.

CMUT can deliver a one-transducer solution for a wide range of ultrasound examinations. High-performance diagnostic ultrasound imaging for Thyroid General Imaging.

The VC34A is a wide band, real-time 3D convex hutachi. The unique housing style with a flip up type operation panel allows desk work between examinations. Dependable results provided by high-definition image quality. Incorporates Hitachi Healthcare’s exclusive hemispheric sound technology which provides exceptional near field resolution and detail for needle guidance.

Featuring our patented HST technology, this transducer provides exceptional image quality when higher frequency abdominal kidney bladder obstetrical and gynecologic imaging is needed. Deployed everywhere from Emergency Departments and Critical Care Units to Imaging Centers and Private Practice, Noblus provides an application-rich platform in a compact and maneuverable package.

Wide View Provides an extended field-of-view image created from a series of real-time images. Single crystal transducer that generates ultrasound with high sensitivity and wide bandwidth for better penetration and improved image quality. C35 Abdomen Transducer Main Specifications: High-performance diagnostic ultrasound imaging for Vascular Radiology.


Detail and accuracy of blood flow hitxchi is greatly increased with reduced blooming of color. Hitachi-Aloka F37 read more. High-performance diagnostic ultrasound imaging for Interventional General Imaging.

Noblus for General Imaging | Hitachi Healthcare Americas

C42K Intraoperative Transducer Super high density, multi-frequency, convex array transducer. Cart has a built in battery and a space for mounting a printer. Our top of the line multi frequency, compound array transducer is the noblua choice for the highest detail resolution in all breast, superficial and small parts applications.

High-performance diagnostic ultrasound imaging for Thyroid Radiology.

Model names, specifications and configurations of products in overseas market outside Japan may be different by the countries. Noblus Advanced Versatile Ultrasound Scanner. It’s possible to scan both hitqchi images and transaxial images with this transducer. The ProSound Alpha 7 offers a full suite of high-performance imaging technology in an eco-friendly, compact design.

L Breast and Small Parts Transducer A wide band, linear transducer designed for general small parts scanning.