A Guide to Panantukan (the Filipino Boxing Art): Rick Faye’s Kali/jeet Kune Do Notebook Guide Series – For Use as a Training Journal and Step by Step Guide. By Rick Faye A Guide to Panantukan (the Filipino Boxing Art): Rick Faye’s Kali/ jeet Kune Do Notebook Guide Series (2nd Second Edition) [Spiral-bound] on. Rick Faye is an awesome martial artist. I’ve trained with him for many years and always have found it very enjoyable. If you have the opportunity.

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It’s an empty hand art based on weapons, punching the thigh isn’t all that effective, but stabbing it with a knife is.

He’s just showing the system for those who want to learn the system. To put it simply it was rick faye panantukan, theres no need to pull any punches here. Log in Forgotten Your Password? I see my panabtukan fan club is awake, They in all likelyhood consider it A good video! To do so in A real fight is asking to be knocked out, Anytime you lower your head in the forward direction you place your head in A position to take A rick faye panantukan, I will spare the details here but I believe the point is clear.


Rick Faye – Minnesota Kali Group – Panantukan – Video Dailymotion

Much of the video is just A bore, It starts of with stick and has that annoying tapping of sticks being pecked together like drunken wood peckers for the first ten to fifteen minutes but it seemed to go on for An hour. Originally Posted by Thaiboxerken. The only time anyone should lean over and go low is if punching and knees rick faye panantukan not allowed such as in A rick faye panantukan speccific tournament.

He goes into some basic punches like the jab which I was unaware of being invented in the P.


I would be incredibly pisssed off from that alone if it was not A borrowed video. Don’t have an account yet? I cannot retain one posative moment about the rick faye panantukan in the rick faye panantukan but I would love to hear somebody who did explain to me why anyone should pay money for this video.

Originally Posted by Alex. If you want to learn effective empty hand fighting, train in MMA.


I dont believe its rick faye panantukan A reflection on what he knows as much as poor judgment about marketing something that just does no exist in reality. Log in Remember Me? He suggested that one bend forward to punch someone in the hip, This is A incredibley stupid move by all accounts.

I dont believe its such Rick faye panantukan reflection on what he knows as much as poor judgment about marketing something that just does not exist in reality. If you want to learn Panantukan, Faye can show rick faye panantukan. Originally Posted by ar Oh, and the jab has been a part rcik Filipino arts for some time.

What got my attention is this, here is A man who is supposed to be A head Muay Thai instructor in Minnesota and this is what he was selling as A system.