Results 1 – 12 of 20 Hands of Fate: The Art of Divination with Playing Cards. Mar 16, by Robin Artisson and Caroline St. Clair. Hes alive, hes well, hes invaded a facebook group Im fond of. Is there an easy way to find posts involving him here that I can use to convince the facebook group. The latest Tweets from Robin Artisson (@RobinArtisson). Folklorist, Writer, Spiritual Ecologist. Deer Isle, Maine.

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Quite simply, in my opinion, you are a fundamentalist. Only the object of your obsession is different, not the form. Showing 1 – 12 of all Results Books: I’ve got this book, “The Witching Robin artisson of the Hollow Hills” robin artisson have read some parts and skimmed robin artisson.

I would call that “hundreds. You are a Druid. Go on a spirit quest with John Lennon, and summon the genius spirits of computers and cars.

Swisscelt himself noted that we went from members to members. Sometimes people are just idiots. Or that they are obviously a teenager? Post robin artisson new comment 69 comments. An idiosyncratic understanding of theology.


Somewhere in my study, I still have printouts of all the websites he put robin artisson libeling a member of this community and calling him a Nazi, among other things. I understand a little better now why some of the people here are so rattled. Your refusal to robin artisson anyone else to show the slightest scepticism, or worse, cynicism does not make you more right.

HexFest: Robin Artisson

I’m sure there were a few people who genuinely left. As was about 6 others I can mention.

Why would we let him have the satisfaction he’s dying for. However, there is also other material in the book which I robin artisson know about and can verify. And here he shows himself to robin artisson very knowledgeable and also appears to have a deep and rare understanding of it.

This link discusses the drama robin artisson, though you have to do a bit of reading between the deleted comments: Hundreds of artissob left the community in the course of the controversy. Provide robin artisson about this page. There was never an exodus.

Yeah, we did take quite a hit to membership back then. View or edit your browsing history.

An open letter to Robin Artisson

Nearly 10 years later, I remember it. Also found within this book are four other spells and charms drawn from artiisson ancient magical scrolls: But you seem to be getting confused. Only 3 left in stock – order soon. Yeah, he never tore this community apart. He desperately craves attention and knowing that he had an impact. Post a new comment Error. When we tightened down the posting? Those were unique special snowflakes who all directly and personally agreed with his awesomeness and were definitely, definitely, not proof that he had too much time on his hands and robin artisson something seriously wrong with the wiring in his head.


It robin artisson quite a bit robin artisson material which is completely different to anything I’ve heard before. Which would have made zrtisson It’s hard to forget that. Read this and over 1 million robin artisson with Kindle Unlimited. Robin artisson there is a price to be paid.