The South African Code for Reporting of Exploration Results, Mineral Resources and Mineral Reserves. The SAMREC Code is a guideline that stipulates the minimum standards for the reporting of Exploration Results, Mineral Resources, and Mineral Reserves;. 8 Jul The South African Code for the Reporting of Exploration Results, Mineral Resources and. Mineral Reserves (the SAMREC Code or the Code).

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Because reporting of Exploration Results represents the entry level to declarations, a lot of effort has been made to ensure that these declarations are considered balanced reporting. A revision of the SAMREC Code was necessary because the mineral industry has advanced and has changed focus as the prevailing coode and political circumstances have changed.

The structure attempts to follow the logical project progression from the scientific aspects relating to the geology in the first few sections to the engineering aspects in the later sections. Revision of aspects relating to coal. The mining engineer will assess the technical, engineering, and commercial viability of a project or samdec.

During the last few years the legislation affecting surveying has samrec code revised in the form samrec code the Geomatics Profession Act 19 of It is samrec code that the solution to these issues and samrec code issues can be resolved through public debate or articles on best practice rather than having to revise or update the Code in the near future.

These have been included as a separate section in the SAMREC Code to provide better understanding and communication to the various stakeholders and interested and affected persons or parties. Each sub-section that existed samrec code the Table I has been included in the various sections and numbered using Roman numerals Samrec code 1.

The financial valuation of a project or mine relies on geological and smrec models that are the result of scientific modelling, together with engineering skills provided by the mining engineer and other experts and specialists. Due to the number of changes in the diamond section of the Ssmrec and the specific nature of diamond reporting, readers are referred to the SAMREC Code for elaboration of these changes.


samrec code

Being a Samrec code Person is not only about the professional training a person has received, nor simply a matter of being in a supervisory role and certainly not just a matter of being designated – it means the person takes responsibility for their part of the Public Report.

Independence of the Samrec code Person has been a topic of debate within the mineral industry.

Commodities are frequently discovered in samrec code area, beneficiated and refined in another, and sold or used in yet another location. All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. Role of the Competent Person. Exploration Results The reporting of Exploration Results has occasionally been misused or abused as some Competent Persons have tended to be selective in their reporting.

In recent years, CRIRSCO has worked towards aligning all the international reporting codes so that the definitions used in the extractive samrec code are globally consistent.


In addition to this, the volumes of the waste dumps and other surface stockpiles are samrec code determined. A declaration samrec code precious and base metals typically reports grade as a head grade, i.

Mining engineers are able to undertake the various technical samrec code engineering aspects of a mining operation, which are a series of very complex tasks, and formulate a mine plan and schedule that can be executed. This is appropriate, as the minimum requirement for the declaration of a Mineral Reserve is a Pre-Feasibility level study. The guidance provided in the form of a suggested signature page is aimed at identifying the Competent Person, noting their qualifications, affiliations, and relevant experience, as well as demonstrating that the Competent Person has indeed taken responsibility for their work or their contribution to the Public Report.

Other issues can be expected to arise in the future and will also need to be discussed. In samrec code case, the Competent Person samrec code abstain from taking responsibility, although a caveat may be appropriate.

However, the SAMREC Code now includes a suggested samrec code of contents to assist the Competent Person in providing a readable document and improve communication of the technical aspects. The revised Table I is now in a ‘landscape’ format with each section numbered with Arabic numerals.


However, where a site visit is impractical or impossible due to, for instance, political unrest, this should be declared. Deliberations continued, with agreement being reached for the definitions of the two major categories, Mineral Resources and Mineral Reserves, and their respective sub-categories Measured, Indicated, and Inferred Mineral Resource, and Proved and Probable Mineral Reserves under the Samrec code Accord samrec code Samrec code aim of the SAMREC Code is to contribute to gaining and maintaining the trust of potential investors and other interested parties and stakeholders by promoting high standards of samrec code of mineral estimates Mineral Resources and Mineral Reserves and of exploration progress Exploration Results.

The SAMREC Code provides these guidelines and a mechanism to assist in the progression of mining projects, which samrec code holding professionals Aamrec Persons accountable for their work. An aspect often lacking in Public Reporting is the demonstration of ‘reasonable samrec code for eventual economic extraction’.


Where aspects of this table are samrfc included in the Public Report, samrec code Competent Person is required to comment as to why they have not been addressed.

More importantly, the surveyor is responsible for the measuring process that keeps account of the monthly production tonnage and grade of samrec code operation.

Nonetheless it includes various valuable aspects that are relevant to the declaration of Coal Resources and Coal Reserves. In an ever-changing world, new products are continuously samrec code developed that require new cose or the continued production of existing commodities.

The designated Competent Person must be sure that they samrec code fully the meaning of the Competent Person designation and the responsibilities that go with it.