22 Jul The Safety system on chapter II-2 of SOLAS is known as Fire Safety System Code (FSS code).It includes ISC,fire fighting system,fire suit,fire. 23 Sep “Equipment” includes appliances. “FSS Code” means the International Code for Fire Safety Systems, published by the IMO. “FTP Code” means. The amendments to SOLAS and the Fire Safety Systems (FSS) Code adopted by IMO Resolutions MSC(91) and MSC(91) will enter into force on 1.

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Detectors shall be located on the overhead at a minimum distance of 0. No other switch shall be permitted in the feeders concerned. Extracted air from the protected spaces is drawn through the smoke accumulators and sampling pipes to the viewing chamber, and then to the smoke sensing chamber where the airstream is monitored by electrical smoke detectors.

It shall be provided with positive means of closure. Dealing with container fires USCG launches competition to enhance boaters safety 1 Comment Akshay on at The means for effective distribution of the foam shall be proven acceptable to the Administration through calculation or by testing.

Other arrangements shall be tested with the actual foam concentrate. Fire detectors fitted in passenger ship cabins, when activated, shall also be capable of emitting, or cause to be emitted, an audible alarm within the space where they are located. sols

New requirements for fire-fighters’ outfits

Where the nitrogen receiver or a buffer tank is installed in an enclosed space, the access shall be arranged only from the open deck and the access door shall open outwards.

Carbon dioxide systems shall not be used for the protection of special category spaces. At each location there shall be clear instructions relating to the operation of the system having regard to the safety ff personnel.

In positioning the fixed sampling points, due regard should also be given to the density of vapours of the oil products intended to be transported and the dilution from space purging or ventilation.

Update on required documents for Ship Radio Stations. As a minimum, generators shall be located on every second deck, including movable decks.

  M215HW01 V0 PDF

Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. When medium expansion ratio foam between 21 to 1 and to 1 expansion ratio is employed, the application rate of the foam and the capacity of a monitor installation shall be to the satisfaction of the Administration. For other types of extinguishing media, suitable surface indicators may be used. The design of the flange should conform to the appropriate class in the standards adopted for the design of other external connections in the ship’s cargo piping system.

This chapter details the specifications for low-location lighting systems as required by chapter II-2 of the Convention. In this case, consideration shall be given to the fire protection requirements and sizing of corridors and doors from the stairway enclosure to the assembly station and from the assembly station to the embarkation deck, noting that evacuation of persons from assembly stations to embarkation positions will be carried out in small control groups.

You must be logged in to post a comment. A section of fire detectors which covers a ro-ro space shall not include a machinery space of category A.

New requirements for fire-fighters’ outfits – SAFETY4SEA

Means to monitor airflow shall be provided in each sampling line. For this purpose, nominal area shall be taken as the gross horizontal projection of the area to be covered. The control panel for the fire detection system shall be tested according solae standards EN Where a cargo space fitted with a gas fire-extinguishing system is used as a passenger space, the gas connection shall be blanked during such use. Sampling pipes shall be a minimum of 12 mm internal diameter.

The hydraulic capability of the system shall be confirmed by the review of hydraulic calculations, followed by a test of the system, if deemed necessary by the Administration. The audible and visual alarm on the low level of water in the water seal shall operate at all times. Codd pipework shall have self-draining capability.

Doorways which give access to a stairway shall be of the same size as the stairway. Chapter 13 Arrangement of means of escape 1 Application This chapter details the specifications for means of escape as required by chapter II-2 cdoe the Convention. The space shall be manned or provided with a fire patrol when detectors required by regulation are disconnected.


Water mist fire-extinguishing systems for machinery spaces xolas cargo pump-rooms shall be approved by the Administration based on the guidelines developed by the Organization 1.

Suitable for fire fighting, rescue work, inspection and maintenance of equipment and other related activities, especially on board a ship 2. This chapter ff the specifications for inert gas systems as required by chapter II-2 of the Convention. Chapter 04 Fire Extinguishers 1 Application This chapter details the specifications for fire extinguishers as required by chapter II-2 of the Convention.

In addition, all distribution piping shall be flushed with freshwater and blown through with air to coce that the piping is free of obstructions. Chapter 01 General 1 Application 1. Electric safety lamps on tankers and those intended to be used in hazardous areas shall be of an explosion-proof type 1 ; and axe with a handle provided with high-voltage insulation. Where one of the sources of power for the pump is an internal combustion engine it shall, in addition to complying with the provisions of paragraph 2.

Cooling water shall be taken from not less than two sea connections, preferably one port and one starboard. The number of generators may be different, but the minimum design filling rate determined during approval testing shall be provided by the system. In these events, a self-contained breathing apparatus, which is specifically suited for such applications, shall be used. Those two-way portable radiotelephone apparatus shall tfa of an explosion-proof type or intrinsically safe.

Chapter 11 Low-location lightings systems 1 Application This chapter details the specifications for low-location lighting systems as required by chapter II-2 of the Convention. Fixed-pressure water-spraying fire-extinguishing systems for machinery spaces and cargo pump-rooms shall be approved by the Administration based on the guidelines developed by the Organization 1.

Related Articles Lessons learned: This shall be established on the basis of full scale tests.