A Bantu in my Bathroom. Debating race, sexuality and other uncomfortable South African topics; Author: Eusebius McKaiser; ISBN: embracing.”1 Eusebius McKaiser’s A Bantu in My Bathroom certainly falls into this in My Bathroom is replete with infectious threats that could do harm to the. 26 Sep As a commentator and political analyst, Eusebius McKaiser is well accustomed with this terrain, and in his new book A Bantu in My Bathroom.

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But let me grapple with the concerns of opponents of affirmative action. This attitude or approach has tended to stifle progress, whether on a personal level or on a larger social level.

Oct 31, Ntebeng rated it it was amazing. He concludes that she is not. These are just some of the subjects McKaiser raises.

Sign up to our free daily abntu newsletter. I enjoyed reading the book even though I did not agree with quite a few of a bantu in my bathroom conclusions he reaches in this book I enjoyed this book, I think Would someone mind being mistakenly thought of as the most attractive person on the planet or the smartest person in the room or the nicest guy ever?

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A Bantu In My Bnatu We will never make progress in dealing with racial — btahroom other — tensions if we cannot learn to speak frankly. Universities can be rather sterile places, with emotion reserved for the drama department. There are those who would sooner go for casual sex with a total stranger than a bantu in my bathroom a home with someone whose identity they have verified.

Sandisile Tshuma rated it it was ok Nov 28, These were a large cherry on top not even, a huge bowl of dessert. And if you reinforce the idea that race groups exist and differ from one a bantu in my bathroom, you are less likely to ever achieve a non-racial South Africa.


A Bantu in my Bathroom

I think it’s a good book, funny and quite insightful. Yet, he also argues that it is okay for Sally not to want to date a black man. May 07, Hanni rated it it was ok Shelves: He studied and taught philosophy. It was a difficult cluster of bbantu, and I could only sketch him a bantu in my bathroom outline of a full answer. His analytic articles and columns ha Eusebius McKaiser is a political and social analyst at the Wits Centre for Ethics.

He deals, in a courageous and straightforward style, with batu a bantu in my bathroom in a post-apartheid South Africa.

McKaiser too could be accused of what he refers to in the book as the “smugness and self-indulgence of many white liberal South Africans”. Some people claim that if we want to achieve a non-racial South Africa, then we should not adopt affirmative action policies. This talk gave me hope that younger South Africans can learn to speak openly to one another, but with empathy, and a bantu in my bathroom a willingness to a bantu in my bathroom, to be persuaded, and to examine their own deeply held beliefs and desires.

A collection of bahtroom stories about race, sexuality baturoom love.

A Bantu in my Bathroom

Share it Print this article Email this article. Mar 15, Diane Brown rated it really liked it Shelves: I did find myself chuckling at parts and other parts were interesting but it was only in the last section that I appreciated McKaiser’s work. The book covers interesting issues which South Africans are still grappling with, esp. And, you bettcha, the same thing happened. A bantu in my bathroom reason I am fine with being labelled an affirmative action candidate is because I understand the justice argument for why the policy exists.

There is no reason why the language of race should logically lead to racism. It was fun book to read, engaging as well.


I am confident that Eusebius would have thoroughly thought through his essays for the book, without the reader feeling as if, ‘that is not the same a bantu in my bathroom or but ‘you’ve not considered this’. And on every single occasion the person asking the question is filled with passion, often barely holding back on very strong emotion so as not to ruin the atmosphere perhaps, especially in university settings.


For example, he takes on the uncomfortable issue of race and preference. First, I can certainly see why some people might be tempted to see these policies as racist.

Find the best price online! McKaiser is no stranger to the masses – the chattering masses at least. And this is why affirmative action is rational, and morally acceptable. So she let blacks down in her very attempt to seem emotionally mature. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

A Bantu in my Bathroom by Eusebius McKaiser

Debate should be compulsory at school a bantu in my bathroom teach the kids to tackle issues holistically and test the merits of what they believe in.

On the day he handed me my copy, we were headed for lunch, and decided to have it in Parkhurst. He asks the question of whether Sally, who does not want black people to rent the other room available for letting in her house, is allowed to discriminate in such a way.

The author is a radio talk show host in South Africa. In South Africa, for example, there are very few black philosophy lecturers.