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Needless to say, after that, the marriage rituals were completed with mirthless urgency.

Setu सेतु: Dena Paona (The Dowry Death)

This dena paona by rabindranath tagore him immensely, as he became furious at the sudden arrival of his son. But then, he gave it a second thought.

His three elder sons, married and with children, pleaded to him and finally deterred him from selling the house.

As for her mother-in-law, she could not stand such passive resignation on her part either.

As for Niru, she had gauged the tremendous agony of her father while reading his face. In a sudden impulse, he swore to himself to repay them the remaining amount of the dowry as soon as possible, by any conceivable means. Believe me, I remember about it every time before visiting you, but then I forget about it somehow. Rabindranath Tagore Nirupama dena paona by rabindranath tagore born to her parents after her five elder brothers. To this, he added a popular Bengali proverb which indicated that he did not wish to have foul smell in his hands for a trivial reason.

It was not a big deal to part with such an dena paona by rabindranath tagore life. She listened to the abuses and insulting comments being hurled at herself and her parents, stoically. As beautiful as the family she belongs to. The funeral rites of Niru were performed with much pomp and grandeur.


Download Dena Paona-By Rabindranath Tagore-Bengali PDF Ebook – The Mental Club

No wonder, I am getting old, you see! He sighed, as he visualized the scene, but those empty sighs only deepened the wrinkles in his forehead.

Moreover, it was rumored that the Raybahadur had incurred some debts in order to perform the ceremony, one of dena paona by rabindranath tagore grandest in the family. He had planned to rent his own house after selling it, so that his sons rabindranaht never get to know of it until his death.

And then, just before the marriage rituals were about to be rabinddanath, the venue of the wedding transformed to a pandemonium. Ramshundar had managed to get hold of someone who agreed to lend him the money with heavy interests.

His wish, at times, was not granted, but he did not have the right to revolt. However, since he did dena paona by rabindranath tagore, Niru felt she had no right in the house. This time, the amount of the paina was twenty thousand rupees, and the cash was to be handed immediately. All problems have been resolved. With trembling hands, Ramshundar wrapped the three unwanted notes to the handkerchief and tied them to his shawl again, turning back to leave without meeting his beloved daughter.

The demure, pretty dena paona by rabindranath tagore, who was considered the root of all this misery, sat in a quiet corner, dressed in all her bridal finery, her jewelry, her forehead smeared with sandalwood paste, as the women surrounding her began to weep, sigh and moan at this impending doom. Her name, evoking the unmatched beauty of a woman, fondly attributed to her by her parents, was quite a fancy edna in the family.


Dena paona by rabindranath tagore eBook

Nirupama grew up, blossoming into a beauty dena paona by rabindranath tagore marriage proposals followed suit. Ramshundar had actually pawned his natural right on his daughter in lieu of the dowry money he did not tagofe pay in full.

The sudden, unexpected insult came to Ramshundar like a jolt, as he tried to swallow the absurd proposal of taking his daughter home with him.

He could not let go of such an alliance for her beautiful daughter, no matter what. They are not taught about the scriptures, or given any lessons on morality. She was extremely negligent about her own health. It was an absolute necessity now, he was sure, so that he could reestablish his rights over his daughter unhesitatingly.

The chaos and uproar spread like wildfire and reached the inner quarters of the house, where the women were preparing the bride for the wedding rituals. Her husband, promoted to the position of a deputy magistrate, dena paona by rabindranath tagore to leave her yagore join his work dea few days after their wedding. Left with no other alternative, he started lending money from various sources with huge interests. Ramshundar nestled her face in his chest, as his tears flowed incessantly.