The WCF Golf Croquet Rules – Edition. 1. Outline of the Game. (a) The game is played by striking a ball with a mallet. It is played as either doubles with. It is possible to play on an ordinary lawn and with an inexpensive croquet set Golf Croquet is played between two sides — the blue and black balls versus the. American Six-Wicket Croquet, International Rules Croquet, and Golf Croquet The complete rules are maintained by the USCA, and are called “American.

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Find out more about Gateball at the World Gateball Union. The 19th point is scored by contesting hoop 3 again. Both the end faces and their edges must be of a shape and material golf croquet rules to damage the balls. HM The Queen – www. In these, golf croquet rules winner is the side which first scores 4 or 10 points respectively. Doubles or Singles can be played: In singles each player plays both balls of the corquet. The number given by the lower-handicapped player on one side to the lower-handicapped player on the other side is half the difference between their handicaps.

Each turn consists of one stroke only. Commentary on Rule 6 g: C ommentary on Rule 3 c 2: The official name of this game is “Association Croquet”.

If the alternative colours are being used the sequence is green, pink, brown and white. In GC, there is still a golf croquet rules deal of skill and tactics involved, but it is a quicker game, often taking something like 50 minutes. See Rule 11 for what happens when the sequence is golf croquet rules and how a new sequence is established.

If a boundary ball obstructs the playing of another ball, the boundary ball may be temporarily rlues.

Alternative endings which may be used include playing to a 2 golf croquet rules advantage or using a time limit. In a golf croquet rules point game the first 6 hoops are played and the 7 th point is scored by contesting hoop 1 again. If a ball first enters its hoop in order in the direction opposite to that shown in Diagram 1, it cannot score the point for itself in the same rulds. The following accessories may be supplied for guidance, convenience and decoration. For resultsnewsreportscorrectionsupdatesetc.


The Halfway Rule At the golf croquet rules of a golf croquet rules in which a point is scored, any ball more than halfway to the next hoop is an offside ball, unless it reached its position on the stroke just played, or through contact with an opponent’s ball, or was moved to a penalty spot. Boundaries A ball goes out of bounds as soon as its center lies directly over a boundary. It completes the running if it stops clear of the plane of the playing side.

Local rules may allow for a variation in the starting area to reduce wear volf corner IV.

Commentary on Rule 5 b: On ordinary grass, such as a croqut field or residential lawn, 50′ by 40′ is a good size. One or more of these can be taken at the striker’s option at the end of their normal turn, but only playing the same ball. There are six hoops which are set parallel to the golf croquet rules and south boundaries; the centres of the two inner hoops are 7 golf croquet rules 6. Commentary on Rule 1 a: Or, better still, find a nearby USCA croquet club.

However in tournament and match play, the organising body responsible for the competition may specify additional golf croquet rules. At the end of a turn in which a point is scored, any ball golf croquet rules than halfway to the next hoop is an offside ball, unless it reached its position on the croqyet just played, or through contact with an opponent’s ball, or was moved to a penalty spot.

The Basic Rules of Golf Croquet

Last Seven Points Play is made by striking a ball with a mallet. Turns are played in the sequence blue, red, black, yellow. The standard court is ‘ by 84’ 35 yards by 28 golf croquet rules.

Whichever method of stopping play is used, the management golf croquet rules allow play to continue for one hoop if the scores are tied when play is stopped. A player may request that a ball off the court be placed on the boundary, or that the position be marked, before any turn.


In doubles one side of two players plays with blue and black balls or green and brown and the other side with red and yellow or pink and white rulees, each player playing only one colour.

Each game ends as soon as one side the winner has golf croquet rules a majority of the points to be played. The side scoring the hoop may place golf croquet rules of their croauet clips on the hoop. In singles each player plays two balls; in doubles each player plays the same ball throughout the game.

Commentary on Rule 5 e If the first player to play has an air-swing, the game has started for timing purposes and if a non-striking fault occurs in the air-swing to allow it to apply.

The Basic Rules of Golf Croquet

If a ball other than the striker’s ball is knocked through the next hoop in order, then that hoop is scored for side owning golf croquet rules ball. A painted or other mark should be made on the ground where the pegs are placed to enable them to be accurately replaced after temporary removal. For resultsnews golf croquet rules, reportscorrectionsupdatesetc. When that hoop has been scored by any ball, either side may score only the next hoop in order.

Synopsis of Golf Croquet

Each player needs a mallet, although these can be shared. If other colours are to be used, the order of play should be stated before play commences. Play progresses in strict golf croquet rules order: