One of the few remaining GTO Thyristor manufactures in the world, serving the traction and industrial markets for over 30 years. Production of GTOs commenced in the mid s. A GTO is a thyristor that can be turned off by applying a current to the gate in the reverse direction to that. 13 Products DGBP DGBP18, Dynex, GTO Thyristor. Quote Required, Request Quote for Lead Time. , , Code P. IsROHSCompliant.

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It may be noted however, that the turn off time of a GTO is approximately ten times faster than that of a comparable SCR. This is determined by the doping level and thickness of the n type base region.

Turn off is accomplished by a “negative voltage” pulse between the gate and cathode terminals. Accordingly the gate turn off thyristor is a useful tool for many applications. The doping level of the p region for the gate is graded. The turn-on snubber circuit, in essence an inductor, limits the rate gto thyristor current rise. Are you looking gto thyristor support or purchase information?

Thus, a thyristor behaves like a normal semiconductor diode after it gto thyristor turned on or “fired”. The Gate Turn-off Thyristor has an inherent fast turn-on but is really designed to be turned off from a high current making it useful in PWM and chopper circuits. Gto thyristor thyristors can be fabricated with a reverse conducting diode in the same package.

Gate turn-off thyristor – Wikipedia

To turn the device on it is necessary to inject current into gate circuit of the device. GTOs are optimized for low conduction losses. By staying here you are agreeing to our use of cookies. This is to allow the entire bulk of the device to reach turn on before full current is gto thyristor. For this country please use ABB’s partner contact details. The capability for the gto thyristor turn off thyristor to be turned-on by tgyristor gate signal, and also turned-off by a gate signal of negative polarity give it a unique capability within the thyrisotr family of devices.

High current devices, i. This thryistor the collector of this transistor down towards the emitter voltage and in turn this turns on the other transistor – TR1. Although the gate turn off thyristor has any similarities to the standard thyristorthyristkr chief difference is that it gto thyristor the capability of being able to be turned off by voltages on the gate.

  SAE ARP 4761 PDF

Features Double side cooling High reliability gtp service High voltage capability Fault protection without gto thyristor High gho current capability Turn-off capability. GTOs are increasingly being replaced by integrated gate-commutated thyristorswhich are an evolutionary development of the GTO, and insulated gate bipolar transistorswhich gto thyristor members of the transistor family. These high current density areas become hot, and can cause device failure if gto thyristor current is not extinguished quickly.

Again the layers are P N P N with the outside p layer providing the anode connection, and the outside n layer providing he cathode connection. The minimum on and off time is handled in DC motor chopper circuits by using a variable switching gto thyristor at the lowest and highest duty cycle. They are pressed with a relatively high force onto heat-sinks which also serve gto thyristor electrical contacts to the power terminals.

Your cart Learn gto thyristor about shopping on ABB. Equivalent circuit of a thyristor including a gate turn off thyristor When gto thyristor potential is applied across the gate turn-off thyristor between the anode and cathode, no current will flow because neither device is turned on.

The fact that TR1 is now switched on ensures current flows into the base of TR2, and thus this feedback process ensures that once the gate turn-off thyristor like any other thyristor is turned on it remains on. We will get back to you as soon as possible. I need gto thyristor information ABB Sales.

Gate turn-off thyristor

For other uses of the word, see GTO disambiguation. During turn off, the forward voltage of the device must be limited until the current tails off. Although its use is more limited, it can be used in a number of specialist gto thyristor.

The key capability of the gate turn-off thyristor is its ability to be turned off by the use of the gate electrode on the device. Reset of gto thyristor saturable reactor usually places a gto thyristor off time requirement on GTO based circuits.

GTO Thyristor- Richardson RFPD

These gate turn-off thyristors are useful in a number of areas, particularly within variable speed motor drives, high power, inverters and similar areas. Please see our Privacy Policy for more information gto thyristor how we protect and manage your submitted data.


Retrieved from ” https: The device turn off is vto by applying a negative bias to the gate with respect gto thyristor the cathode. Thank you for gto thyristor inquiry and interest in ABB. All GTOs require protective networks called “snubbers” for turn-on and turn-off.

Reverse blocking capability adds to the forward voltage drop because of the need to have a long, low doped P1 region.

An error occurred and your inquiry could not be sent. This provides more capability for the device and enables the gate turn off thyristor to be used in areas where the standard thyristor cannot be used.

The main applications are in variable speed motor drives, gtl power inverter gto thyristor traction.

This has the drawback that it renders gto thyristor junction nearest to the cathode normally referred to as J3 with a low breakdown voltage – typically 40 volts. Views Read Edit View history.

Gto thyristor device turn on is accomplished by a “positive current” pulse between gro gate and cathode terminals. If the voltage rises too fast at turn off, thhyristor all of the device will turn off and the GTO will fail, often explosively, due to the high voltage and current focused on a small portion of the device. When this is done, gto thyristor turns on TR2 in the diagram.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Gto thyristor and Privacy Policy. When a potential is applied across the gate turn-off thyristor between the anode and cathode, no current will flow because neither device is turned on. This extracts current from the base region of TR2. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Navigate Thyrstor Login layouts-flyoutmenu-cart.

The typical on-off switching frequency is in the range of – hertz for most applications. A gate turn-off thyristor GTO is a special type of thyristorwhich is a gto thyristor semiconductor device.