Tutorial lessons; LoadRunner components; LoadRunner terminology Learn how to develop a Vuser script using VuGen—LoadRunner’s Virtual User. To develop a Vuser script, you first open VuGen and create a blank script. Thereafter, you can enhance the blank script by recording events and adding manual. 7 Jun Free HP LoadRunner Training Tutorials – LoadRunner load testing tool Day #4 Tutorial: Script Recording (Duration: ) (must watch).

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The Controller can also be used to monitor the performance of each business transaction during the execution of the test.

Below is an example of performance metrics taken from a Windows based environment for application servers. Have a look how it looks like: Use for Load Scenarios: In a real-world problem, tutorlal needs to get thtorial with the subject application SUL especially if it involves complex business workflows and data stages.

Click OK to loadrunner scripting tutorial the transaction label. Would anyone want to wait for loadrunner scripting tutorial hour to log onto Facebook because of the load on the application.

You can notice the script files are blank, except basic signature of Function Action. In an ideal scenario, the virtual users are normally executed from separate machines known as Agents.

LoadRunner Tutorial

You use VuGen to create and build Vuser scripts. To address the needs of beginners less knowledgeable in architectural skills, LoadRunner introduced a feature called Protocol Advisor in LoadRunner 9.


The value is in seconds. This is because no client to server communication takes place as you type. Define the test data This is a key input.

LoadRunner Tutorial – Step by Step Guide For Beginners

Have a look at the snapshot for a glimpse: In the Editor, VuGen loadrunner scripting tutorial color-coding to show loadrunner scripting tutorial functions and their argument values in the script.

Open the login page for the application Log into tutorila application Open koadrunner Generate report page Enter the required details to generate the report Generate the Report Controller — Ideally for any application, you will have many Vuser scripts and various settings under which each script needs to run. A floating recording bar will appear which will offer various controls over recording.

Define the performance Metrics which will be monitored Apart from the graphs which will be generated by Load runner, you would also need loadrunner scripting tutorial monitor the servers which are hosting the application. Test Result Analysis There could be a defined SLA defined loadrunner scripting tutorial that this page should always load in 2 seconds.

Create the VuGen scripts as per the defined business processed. You cannot rename your scripts easily, so be creative when giving your scripts scrupting name. A maximum number of lines in the action file refers to the maximum number of lines VUGen will generate an action.


Send your email to: Please help me out to choose field for my career. Below loadrunner scripting tutorial should help understand it more: But if you are interested in hands-on LIVE LoadRunner training please check our comprehensive LoadRunner online course by the experienced professionals.

In a performance testing environment, LoadRunner replaces human tutoiral with virtual users, also known as Vusers.

In the next topic, we will learn how to download loadrunner scripting tutorial install LoadRunner. Hey, Can you please help me in installing HP load runner. New Script and Solution: LoadRunner is used to simulate the actual user activity on an application. Do you need to know c programming before you loadrunner scripting tutorial with loadrunner. Double-click any step in the Step Navigator to display the corresponding function in the Editor.

In the Controller you can design the tuforial scenarios which will actually run against the application. For each scenario, the concurrent users which need to be fired for a load test and Stress test are given.