Examines parallel themes in the creation, flood, hero, and morality myths of Greek, Roman, Indian, Norse, Native American, Chinese, and Oceanic cultures while. Mythology is our earliest form of literary expression and the foundation of all history and morality. Now, in Parallel Myths, classical scholar J. F. Bierlein gathers. Parallel Myths has ratings and 44 reviews. John said: I was greatly looking forward to re-reading this book for a book club and I was somewhat letdow.

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This book has a bunch of myths from around the world, and I like that, but There are so many errors in it, I can’t tell you.

Great parallel myths by j.f.bierlein to pick up and read again a week later! Paden, Chair, Department of Religion, University jf.bierlein Vermont For as long as human beings have had language, they have had myths. A serviceable primer for j.f.berlein mythology. Sometimes the myths are in “original” language– from the Old Testament or the Kalavala– and sometimes there are retold by an anonymous interpreter. Written with great clarity and sensitivity. These stories are cultural folktales based on not only religion but on moral stories.

I normally really like books on mythology, but this was just too dry for my liking. As parallel myths by j.f.bierlein accessible introductory textbook on Mythology, Bierlein’s book fulfills the task; it functions more than a collection or anthology–it provides theory as well. Lists with This Book. Juxtaposing the most potent stories and symbols from each tradition, Bierlein explores the parallels in j.f.bierleiin key topics as creation myths, flood myths, tales of love, nyths myths, underworld myths, and visions of the Apocalypse.


A common theory is that the name derives from a hypothetical Celtic place name, Londinion which may have been derived from the personal name Londinos, from the word lond, parallel myths by j.f.bierlein ‘wild’.

Parallel Myths – J. F. Bierlein – Google Books

The stories and myths in it are very imaginative and interesting, not just from an academic perspective but a personal one as parallel myths by j.f.bierlein. Apr 25, Christy Stewart rated it it was amazing Shelves: I’d say this is a good book for anyone wanting to learn more about myths, in other words, a good start.

I got this at the Smithsonian Museum. Looking for More Great Reads? It’s broken up in chapters with themes Underworld, Love Stories, etc. Parallel Myths by J.

Jul 28, Kim rated it really liked it. In the end, it’s parallel myths by j.f.bierlein a great book, but it’s a very solid introduction to the MANY myths out there and attempts to provide the vocabulary in which to speak about them.

It started reading like a poorly-written research paper; large quotes by various experts, with little parallel myths by j.f.bierlein no explanation or context. Sep 26, Michelle rated it liked it. However much a quote can stand for itself, it started to feel as though I was just reading dictionary entries on various people and their systems.

However, in the United States, it is known as Milky Parallel myths by j.f.bierlein. An updated version would be a useful classroom tool; as it stands, it’s a good starting point for anyone looking to compare stories from a variety of world cultures with more familiar Judeo-Christian myths.


Parallel Myths

Oct 08, Monica rated it it was ok. Sep 17, Rebecca rated it liked it Shelves: Read it Forward Read it first. Jan 05, Tabitha Chamberlain mytsh it really liked it. Jung, and Mircea Eliade.

That being said, it also includes a lot of thought about myths from anthropology, philosophy and parallsl however it pretty much stops short at as far as these field go, despite the fact that it was written in the ’90s which is extremely interesting, it’s just a shame j.f.nierlein almost all of the thought is VERY outmoded.

Mar 03, Pj rated it it was ok. I have interest in Greek Mythology parallel myths by j.f.bierlein most of the stories I read parallel myths by j.f.bierlein from the ancient greeks. Parallel myths by j.f.bierlein book has a LOT of myths included. As for myself, I feel that these myths have less an impact on our general culture and psychology, though are extremely relevant to global consciousness and the Neo-Pagan Movement.

It’s an OKAY introduction to some general ideas found in comparative mythology. I love myths, but these are weirdly truncated re-tellings and I almost felt like there were too many? And the list on errors unfortunately goes on.

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