The DC Wing T and Pistol Offense. 1. Merging the DC Wing T and Pistol. 2. Play Calling. 3. The Split End. 4. Blocking Rules. 5. Blocking Cues. 6. Blocking Cues. What Our Customers Are Saying As a long time Wing T Coach I was looking for away to expand the offense to help with future personnel. In doing some. Learn about the Pistol Wing-T playbook for youth football. Extend the powerful Wing-T under center offense with Pistol concepts to open up the passing game.

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This site uses cookies. This also gives you more of a screen game than a lot of the traditional Wing T schemes allowed. They are in here! He was very open and honest with ding answers and advice. Coach Stewart is very responsive to questions and requests for additional info.

You will quickly see why, despite having many pistol wing t offense playbook starters, his teams finish strong each game without ever running sprints during practice.


If he closes we can get back pistol wing t offense playbook our blocking down and running to the next gap out the same way traditional Wing T would with their buck sweep plays. I truly believe we pistol wing t offense playbook have success with this offense for years to come.

Stewart also shows how to correctly balance full contact with no contact drills. The use of plaaybook team and combo blocking is shown as well as the Belly Drill. He also discusses in depth the run progression based on how the defense is reacting to the base play in each family.

Pistol Wing T: Tiger Formation, Buck Sweep, Trap, and Boot

How to create defensive confusion through offensive shifts and motion to catch the DBs out of position. Practice video is included that shows how Coach Stewart wjng each drill and how it is tied to specific plays.

Using the deception of the traditional Wing-T, we manage to compete well and usually make the playoffs, but we’re struggling to “take the next step”. We were amongst the final eight teams, in a 34 team league in Metro Atlanta.


Pistol Wing T Offense : All Access Coaching

All the drills needed to run this offense are diagrammed. The no huddle installation is broken down into three types of tempos; Red, Yellow, and Green Light tempos.

Trap is a great complimentary play to Buck Sweep. Please enter your Coupon: Coach Stewart details the innovative Pistol Wing-T Offense and shows you pistol wing t offense playbook the 7 man front defense is vulnerable — and how to exploit it.

Also included pistol wing t offense playbook a segment on how Porterville pistol wing t offense playbook their plays. Rick Stewart gives you an attack plan that will allow your team to light up the scoreboard and attack the defense with both the run and the pass.

Turned around 3 losing programs! With his easy to follow style and his thoroughness of delivery, Stewart makes this DVD appropriate for coaches of all ages and from all styles.

As a long time Wing T Coach I was looking for away to expand the offense to help with future personnel. From three backs to empty sets and a “Wildcat” alignment, this offense appears limitless.

Now you do not have to wait to call the option if the defense is cheating to these plays. Coach Stewart can help you get your football knowledge published. Click here to print out an order form and send your payment by mail to: The FB has the key block here and will kick out the first man he sees outside the frontside tackle down block, usually the defensive end.

Get the Pistol Wing-T for Youth Football Playbook

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: This playbook is well written playboko gives you answers to just about anything you may face from a defense during the course of a game. This is something you can work on repeatedly in small group practice ovfense. Coaches will find these drills for mechanics and footwork highly effective easy to install into their daily practice schedule.

Plagbook holds nothing back as he presents his concepts on reading defenses and calling pistol wing t offense playbook. Wristbands, hand signals, and sideline cards are all explained in this section. Read unblocked defenders in the run game by backing the QB away from the line. More importantly you will be able to do so without any interruption to the learning process of your players.


He starts with his sprint out passing game, moves to 3-step and 5-step route combinations, and finishes with his play action passing game. ;laybook covers each possible defensive technique and how he attacks it. Order pistol wing t offense playbook and learn pistol wing t offense playbook to score your next TD using proven multi-formations strategies and trick plays.

Each drill is a building block of the Pistol Wing-T Offense. Combo Packages and Trick Plays.

Increased plays, counters for every defense, reads for every defense, and formations to create mismatches pistol wing t offense playbook all on display.

Coach Stewart goes through an overview of the Pistol Wing-T passing, starting with game different rules to use in the passing game. You will see how Stewart devises his weekly game plan and what every coach on his staff is looking for as he calls the plays on Friday night. Daily practice schedules are pistol wing t offense playbook, in addition to the sequence of motions, formations, and plays that are installed first.

These adjustments are vital when making game time decisions that can make the difference on game day. Stewart shows you how to attack the flanks of the defense and how to use formations to force defense to adjust to you. Stewart uses the Midline and Veer series out of the Pistol to put additional pressure on the defense.

The individual segment shows a variety of drills and key coaching points for each offensive position: Terminology Player tags and numbers, hole numbers, formations, key words and blocking schemes are all covered in this section.

Watch Stewart install the offense on the field with teams from all over the country.