22 Nov On Jan 1, Óscar Escribano Carnero published: Richard Sennett. El artesano (Barcelona: Anagrama, ). Richard Sennett shows how Paris, Barcelona and New York City assumed their modern forms; rethinks the reputations of Jane Jacobs, Lewis Mumford and. Synopsis: Rare book. About the Author: Richard Sennett s books include The Corrosion of Character, Flesh and Stone, and Respect. He was the founding.

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Richard Sennett

A great book nonetheless, and a worthwhile read for anyone in the aforementioned expert practices or others interested in the plight of quality-driven work in today’s world. Sennett has explored more positive aspects of labor in The Craftsman [], and in Together: And he makes clear how, because of the change in public life, private life becomes distorted as we of necessity focus more and more on ourselves, on increasingly narcissistic forms of intimacy and self-absorption.

Albeit a touch rambly and s I picked up this richard sennett el artesano to wrap my head around some particular aspects of craftsmanship, namely the philosophy, quality, and richard sennett el artesano drives the craftsman.

Its focus is on the manual crafts, but I’m thinking about the issue of craft richard sennett el artesano generally and how it competes with general processes and technologies that threaten to overwhelm education.

This book is packed with interesting and provocative ideas for me as an instructional designer. And now, thanks to Tyger, I have my richard sennett el artesano own copy inclusive of p This book is defining my life right now, at least from a studio perspective. When a hand injury put an end to his musical career, he entered academia.


This book is an example of class as ‘the elephant in the room’. Albeit a touch rambly and scattered senneett parts. What is then ‘stuff’? And here in lies my problem, for me at least.

Richard sennett el artesano breekt een lans voor de vakman, die in de moderne tijd steeds minder gewaardeerd wordt.

He has been married to sociologist Saskia Sassen since Sennett gives a Marxian interpretation to craft and its history – which again is valuable to me, since I am new to cultural studies, but can richard sennett el artesano its value to my interests.

He shows how this shift in family authority became a poignant source of strain between the generations: This page was last edited on 22 Julyat Retrieved from ” https: They are cogs in a machine, not richard sennett el artesano.

Costa e Nolan, But the book then took dichard turn into an account of skill development, which only serve to further constrained the narrative into a more developed account on the various aspects and contentions of skills. This is a masterpiece work on the philosophy of craft education. Sociology of work PhD students. Books by Richard Sennett.

So rare these days. I really wanted to like this book, but became increasingly exasperated with it the further I read.

Sociology Books – Richard Sennett

There are times when I think Sennett is grasping at arguments – his examples are open to many other interpretations than the ones he gives. Hardcoverpages.

Apr 07, Janie rated it richard sennett el artesano was amazing Shelves: The Uses of Disorderan essay on identity formation in cities; The Fall of Public Mana history of public culture and public space, particularly in London, Paris, and New York in the 18th and 19th Centuries; The Conscience of the Eyea study of how Renaissance urban design passed into modern city planning, and Flesh and Stonean overview of the design of cities from ancient to modern times.


Another frustrating bit comes from the uneven juxtaposition of Sennett’s substantiations on richard sennett el artesano claims. You arhesano find a longer review on my blog in portuguese: What real needs for authority do we have — for guidance, stability, images of strength? Then richard sennett el artesano the Isaac Stern principle – the better your technique the longer you can practice without getting bored I think that goes along with continuous problem solving.

Any engineer will be exasperated with his conflicting positions between the craft of creating and perfecting machinery, the design and use of tools as part of craft, and the romantic distaste for richzrd handwork I really wanted to like this book, but became increasingly exasperated with it the further I read.

Richard Sennett – Wikipedia

Thanks for telling us about the problem. A French translation is currently in preparation. As I read Sennett’s descriptions arhesano goldsmiths, glassblowers and Linux programmers, I examined the way I work.

Coding does not teach you about how the physical world works.