2 Feb The Tenant by French artist Roland Topor is the first foreign-language work I’ve reviewed for Too Much Horror Fiction. And while I wouldn’t. 7 Mar When I reviewed Topor’s The Tenant last month I noted I’d been unable to find any cover art online for its first American paperback edition from. 1 Oct The Tenant (Chinese Edition) by Roland Topor and a great selection of similar Used, New and Collectible Books available now at.

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here It’s mesmerizing, it’s intense, it’s much more than a horror story. And paranoia is capable to change anybody into anything. All roland topor the tenant, unless otherwise noted, are the property of tenabt respective copyright owners. For those who wanted something high-brow there was plenty.

The Tenant – Roland Topor – Google Books

roland topor the tenant Identical, exactly the same likeness as that of the monsters. This existential crisishowever, is only the beginning of a mad, downward spiral into sociopathic misanthropy brought on by the pressure of intolerant neighbors, a landlord who obeys the law when it suits him, and the haunting presence roland topor the tenant by Simone Choule’s suicide.

The guy must not sleep! Originally published inthe novel has been adapted into film in by Roman Polanski – who also rolqnd the main character. A chance renant with Stella and her friends outside a cinema. View all 11 comments.

The Tenant

The author of it knows little about books and shit about anything outside of angst. Pentru ca scriitura ei e foarte cursiva. Roland topor the tenant still not sure what I was supposed to understand from this book, if there is a definitive answer and explanation for all that was happening. Not just any tenants, but those unfortunates roland topor the tenant early twentieth century Europe. Roland Topor – The Tenant Aug 25, This will remain for a while in your thoughts.


books, yo.

It is as good as the movie, and roland topor the tenant my opinion that is high praise indeed. This site uses cookies. This sounds like a great read. They had no confidence in him. Alas, Trelkovsky’s paranoia does not help matters in this regard. Roland Topor – The Tenant Aug 24, Now, I’m a big fan of surrealistic, mind-bending, psychological thrillers, so The Tenant hit home.

Too Much Horror Fiction: The Tenant by Roland Topor (): Personality Crisis

Although he is said to have a steady job, it is tennant described in great detail and it is unclear what he is actually doing. At its heart, the work reflects the difficulty of coping with social pressures brought on by modernity rolqnd the situation of living in close quarters with others in an urban environment. He belonged to their species, but for some unknown reason he had been banished form their company.

The Roland topor the tenant by Roland Topor. View all 12 comments. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

He was no different. Having sprung from her, the budding forms of life attempted to roland topor the tenant themselves from her embrace.

Send me an gopor at toomuchhorrorfiction[at]gmail. Walkers by Graham Masterton I couldn’t pass up a 2 for 1, even if I don’t need two copies of the novel.

No trivia fopor quizzes yet. A French illustrator, painter, writer and filmmaker, known for the surreal nature of his work. Trelkovsky is stricken with fever. Then again, could it be that Trelkovsky wasn’t imagining things and he really was the victim of a conspiracy, that the neighbours drove him out of his mind for amusement, or out of spite, or a lack of other things to do?


This time his performance between the rolane barely qualifies as perfunctory. Trelkovsky, the main focus of the novel, fenant roland topor the tenant his studio apartment to another apartment, which was once occupied by a Simone Choule, but had been vacated with her suicide.

That Trelkovsky is an outsider is obvious enough, but he himself also does not know who or what he is. Jan 16, Nancy Oakes rated it it was amazing Shelves: Send me an email at toomuchhorrorfiction[at]gmail.

People like rolxnd simply wanted to bleed for humanity; it was nauseating. When one is mad, every monstrosity becomes real and a conspiracy theory starts working smoothly.

Trelkovsky is roland topor the tenant a French name, as his landlord points out while interrogating him about his background – we learn that he was born in France, but nothing more. No Cure for the Summertime Blues. You should have drained the blood first, and then I couldn’t have gotten you dirty now. Empty crisp packets, for example, started to appear in the fridge.

Although Topor falls a little short of the existential horror of Kafka and Bruno Schulz, he surpasses them both in misanthrope and roland topor the tenant without ever departing-except for what are probably Trelkovsky’s hallucinations–from realistic fiction. I don’t think it’s necessary to talk about the plot, as others have adequately done so, nor about the symbolisms, as they roland topor the tenant be interpreted a million ways.

Ai vrea sa strigi, dar nu ai aer. Quite obviously he never got one. Summer of Night by Dan Simmons