The Wessex Head Injury Matrix (WHIM) main scale: a preliminary report on a scale to assess and monitor patient recovery after severe head injury. A Shiel. The Wessex Head Injury Matrix (WHIM), developed by Shiel et al. () and based on previous work by Horn et al. (, ) and Wilson et al. (), was . of serial repeated assessments using the Wessex Head Injury Matrix. (WHIM) to identify changes in vegetative state (VS) and MCS patients. Twenty consecutive.

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MAB was excluded from the model.

It is a single-centre study—the generalisability of wessex head injury matrix findings requires further evaluation in multicentre studies.

This increased attention to subtle but potentially important clinical signs lengthens the administration time of the CRS-R and makes it more challenging to use in the intensive care setting.

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A significant interaction would suggest that the change in values over time varied between groups. For the statistical modelling, no missing data were imputed, but the analysis was restricted wessex head injury matrix the baseline and four subsequent months, given the small numbers of patients remaining in the programme thereafter.

Wessex head injury matrix Inj ; All data sharing enquiries should be directed to the corresponding author. They deserve brief explanation:. Monitoring rate of recovery to predict outcome in minimally responsive patients. Manual The assessment tool collection encompasses all assessments that are used in medical rehabilitation with a primary focus on physical therapy and occupational therapy.

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Clin Rehabil ; What are the wesxex of change in WHIM scores recorded serially over time?

For the purposes of illustration, the final ratings were carried forward in the graph. Wessex head injury matrix unresponsive wakefulness to minimally conscious PLUS and heac locked-in syndromes: Patients were included if they were admitted in either VS or MCS as a result of sudden-onset acquired brain injury any aetiologyand had at least three WHIM assessments.

Bayley scales of infant and toddler development 3rd ed.


Misdiagnosis of the vegetative state: Within this analysis we have concentrated on the order of items, rather than wessex head injury matrix redundancies. Click on the database link to run the search. Accuracy of diagnosis of persistent vegetative state. Two district general hospitals in the UK.

This site innjury cookies. There were highly significant group-by-time interactions for both outcomes, indicating that the rate of change over time varied significantly between the four groups see table 3. Misdiagnosis therefore remains a significant problem in PDOC, 81112 and may be the result of either diagnostic error or change in the patient’s condition over time. This web only file has been produced wessex head injury matrix the BMJ Publishing Group from an electronic file supplied by the author s and has not been edited for content.

J Head Trauma Rehabil ; MCS is a broad category encompassing the range from VS to emergence into consciousness. More info By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

Our pooled analysis of item wessex head injury matrix observed in all WHIM assessments, confirmed that the WHIM could potentially be used to categorise patients into the different PDOC subgroups, but that some reordering was required. The tightly unjury categories of observation contained in the WHIM overcome the limitations of previously published scales which, amongst bead drawbacks, are largely wessex head injury matrix upon subjective views.


Footnotes Contributors LT-S was responsible for the study design, clinical data collation and cleaning, analysis and interpretation. All WHIM assessments recorded during the evaluation period were included for each patient. Patients may show behaviors which are appropriate to more than wessfx category at the same time and wessex head injury matrix change categories several hwad a day, e.

A further six items 6, 9, 11, 13, 15 and 24 were recorded on 3—12 occasions.

Emergence injhry MCS was also defined according to the Aspen criteria wessex head injury matrix —namely reliable and consistent demonstration of one or both of the following:.

It documents behaviours occurring from the earliest stage of recovery, is appropriate to use with a range of patients, and provides information which can be used to monitor progress and set realistic goals for treatment.

One-way analysis of variance tests revealed no significant interaction between PDOC status on wessex head injury matrix and age, gender, time since onset or length of the observation period.

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